What is Ethermon?

Ethermon is one of the first Ethereum-based blockchain games to create interactive non-fungible tokens (NFTs), allowing players to own, improve, use, and profit from their in-game virtual assets. Originally launched as Etheremon in 2017, the current upgraded version was relaunched in 2019 by its most dedicated players and an expanded team.
The Ethermon universe of gaming experiences is continuing to rapidly expand — driven by the belief that the future of gaming is decentralized, cross-platform, and player-owned.

Game objectives

Your objective is to collect Ether Mons (or Mons, for short) to participate in a growing range of play-to-earn game modes — from the 2D RPG on this site to a full-fledged 3D MMORPG in Decentraland’s metaverse.

Game modes

Ethermon continues to evolve alongside the blockchain gaming industry to offer you a diverse range of game modes. Since 2017, we have offered interactive 2D RPG game modes on our site, such as PVP auto-battle tournaments you can play in your browser.
Starting in Q2 2021, we launched cross-platform gameplay in Decentraland, allowing you to interact with your Mons in 3D and participate in PVE battles across the metaverse. This is just the beginning.
Last modified 1yr ago