NFT markets

Beyond gameplay, Ethermon players can also profit from selling or renting their assets. In addition to the official Ethermon store on our website, players can sell and buy Mons from our secondary peer-to-peer markets or 3rd-party markets such as Opensea.

Ethermon store – (Newly released Ethermon NFTs)

Before Mons are released in the wild and resold in the open market, you can often find them for sale at the official Ethermon store. The Mons in the store are replaced on cyclical timeframes.

Ethermon market (Secondary Market NFT)

The Ethermon market is the official site where players who already own Ethermon NFTs can exchange NFTs with other payers in a player-to-player trade ($ETH only). No new Ethermon NFTs are created and the Ethermon platform receives a small percentage of the sale price for facilitating the trade. Players can buy, rent, sell, and lend on-chain Mons to each other on this platform.