Purchase Mons with EMON

All Mons available in the Ethermon Starter Store are now only for sale in EMON (Ethermon's on-chain token) via the MATIC/Polygon Network. You will need EMON and a very small amount of MATIC on the Matic network to cover the gas fees (i.e., transaction costs).
Matic has rebranded to Polygon. In this article, we may refer to Polygon as MATIC interchangeably.

Wallets Supported

Desktop Wallets: Metamask & Formatic. Mobile Wallets (via Walletconnect): Metamask mobile, Token Pocket & Trust Wallet Note. The 2D version of Ethermon will be playable on mobile by October.

Step-by-step guide

If you already have Matic tokens on the Matic network you can jump to Step 4.

Step 1: Add the Matic/Polygon Network to your wallet

To be able to see your token balances on the Matic Network (or transfer funds from the Ethereum Network), you will need to add the Matic Network settings to your wallet. The easiest way to do this is to go to https://quickswap.exchange/#/swap and click
("Switch to Polygon") to automatically add.
If this doesn’t work, you can manually add the Matic Network by following these instructions.

Step 2: Move your funds to Polygon

The safest and cheapest way (at the time of writing this article) is to buy MATIC tokens on the Ethereum network. Once you have MATIC in your wallet on the Ethereum network, you can move ahead with transferring it to the Polygon/Matic Network via the Polygon Bridge.
Note: Ethereum gas fees are currently very high to send funds from the Ethereum chain to the Matic chain. There is nothing Ethermon can do about these fees. However, once on Matic, transaction fees are normally well below USD $0.10 each.

Step 3: Transfer MATIC using the official Polygon bridge

1.Connect your wallet.
2. Select the bridge icon.
3. Select the "Matic Token" and click "Transfer"
Sending EMON from Ethereum Network to Matic Network If you already own EMON on Ethereum Network, you can send across the Matic bridge directly.
However, you will still need a small amount of MATIC on the Polygon network to cover gas. You will not be able to exchanges your EMON on Polygon for MATIC as you will not have MATIC yet to cover the gas cost. So, you will also need to transfer over some MATIC.

Step 4: Purchase EMON via the Quickswap Exchange

Once your MATIC has arrived on the Matic Network, you can now use the Quickswap Exchange to exchange some MATIC for EMON tokens.
  1. 2.
    Connect your wallet if not done so already,
  2. 3.
    Select EMON from the dropdown menu.
  3. 4.
    Click exchanges and your transaction will complete. Normally in around 2-5 mins.
Finding EMON on Quickswap Exchange If EMON is not in the dropdown menu on Quickswap, you will need to paste our token address into the Search Name or Paste Address field at the top to add manually. Select "Add Token" and input address: 0xd6a5ab46ead26f49b03bbb1f9eb1ad5c1767974a This should find EMON, which is 18 decimal places.
You may see a warning, but this is normal as EMON is not listed on a major exchange yet.

Step 5: Buy the Mons on Ethermon.io

Once you have EMON and a small amount of MATIC in your wallet (both on the Matic Network), go back to Ethermon.io where you can purchase your new Mons.
To purchase, please make sure your wallet is connected to the Matic Network.
Do not exchange all of your MATIC for EMON.
You will need to keep a small amount of Matic in your wallet to cover Gas fees (i.e., transactions costs). 1 MATIC should allow you to make at least 20 transactions, if not many more depending on curent gas fees.

Transferring Mons to a different wallet in the future.

You can transfer your Mons to any other address by selecting the Mon you wish to send from your "My Collections" page.
For Matic Mons, it does not matter which network you wallet is connected to. To transfer legacy Ethereum Mons, please remain on the Ethereum Network to transfer.
Alternatively, you can transfer your Mons independently via an NFT marketplace (such as Opensea).