Certain Mon species are able to transform into stronger forms when they have reached a high enough level which is unique to each species. So far, no species of Mon has been able to transform more than twice and many are only able to transform once.
Transformation from Form 1 to 3 (left to right): Elekitt, Velocikat, Thundryzen (Mon artist: Azria)
How to transform your Mon
When your Mon is ready, all 3 of their Ancestors must be present in order for it to harness enough power to transform. Only a rare few species of the first generation of Mons can draw from their own power to transform without any ancestors. To transform a Mon to its next highest form, you need to collect all of its Ancestors. When a Mon transforms, its level resets to 1 and its base stats reset within the higher point ranges associated with its new form. Higher forms also have generally higher growth trajectories, meaning some of your transformed Mon’s stats will now increase at a higher rate (e.g., 6 points per level vs. 3 points per level). In general, higher form Mons are much more powerful than their lower form counterparts, especially as they reach higher levels.
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