Release sets

Release Sets

Genesis Mons

Ethermon started in 2017 as a previous project called Etheremon, launching a set of Mons on the Ethereum blockchain. To help make the different sets of Mon releases clearer, we have entitled the original set "Genesis" — meaning all Mons on the Ethereum Blockchain are Genesis Mons.

Prismatic Mons

To embrace the incredibly low gas fees and fast transaction times on Polygon (previously known as the Matic Network), we began minting Mons on this new blockchain. This first set of "Matic Mons" is entitled "Prismatic" and only includes a handful of unique Mons.

Genesis Reborn Mons

Now, even though there will never be another Genesis Mon created on the Ethereum Blockchain, we are cloning up to 90% of these Mons on the Polygon Blockchain to allow players the opportunity to use the same Mons at a lower transaction cost than currently possible on Ethereum.
These "Matic Mons" are slightly weaker than the originals born on the Ethereum blockchain, but a Genesis Reborn with higher perfection may still be stronger than the same Genesis mon with a lower perfection. Although the Gensis Reborn set of Mons is very close to the original Genesis version, they come in smaller size and slight off-color variants. See the example of the original Genesis Dynamouse and the off-color, slightly smaller Genesis Reborn Dynamouse below.
Genesis Set (on Ethereum)
Genesis Reborn Set (on Polygon)
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