Discord server

Ethermon Discord server: https://discord.com/invite/p7wBXc9

Official channels

#announcements: Check here for the latest Ethermon news and community updates.
#event-registration: Register for an upcoming community call, webinar, or other Discord exclusive events here.
#server-status: This channel is for tracking server status updates and incident reports (e.g., downtime) https://twitter.com/EthermonStatus. #guidelines: The following rules and guidelines for this server ensure it's a great place for everyone here. Please read and help promote a positive vibe with your fellow Monseekers.
#official-tweets: Keep updated with our latest news and click through to join the conversation on Twitter.
#official-articles: Keep up on what we post on Medium, from weekly roundups to detailed updates on game development and current competitions.

Support & resource channels

#🔗 links: See all relevant Ethermon links.
#📖 dcl-guides: Browse Decentraland-specific guides, including ones created by this amazing community.
#🆘 get-support: Get help with any gameplay or account issues.

Language-specific support

Since our Ethermon community spans across the globe, so does our dedicated support staff. You can find language-specific support on the Ethermon Discord server by following the link below for your preferred language. We also use the Discord Translator bot to let get a direct message with the translations of important announcements or other posts in your native language. React to any message with a flag emoji to translate it to the official language(s) of the selected flag's country. See supported languages here.