In 2018, we launched an on-chain Adventure mode, in which you can pay a small ETH or EMONT fee to send your on-chain Mons to randomly explore one of 54 Adventure sites that correspond to their type. After a set time, your Mon will return with a valuable reward at various drop rates, including in-game currency, powerful buff items, and even rare Mons that can only be caught on adventures.

Adventure mode is currently under construction

Adventure mode will soon be relaunched with significant improvements and will continue to run on ether (ETH). However, traveling to the old regions of the Ethermon metaverse that were built on the rusty foundations of Ethereum Layer 1 remains expensive. Throughout the Ethermon metaverse, there have been whispers of a potential gold rush — that a window of opportunity that will soon open. It is rumored that wild Mons have run rampant across adventure sites while Monseekers have become infrequent due to the high cost of travel. As these wild adventure Mon species expanded and intersected, the next generation of 9 new species was born — Matic Mons — who will soon take over the territories surrounding adventure sites from their Ancestors.

Adventure sites

There are 54 Adventure sites that are equally divided into 10 shares. The fractional ownership of an adventure site is represented by an ERC-721 NFT. The co-owners of each Adventure site receive 90% of the adventure fees paid by players, distributed in proportion to ownership. The remaining 10% of fees are allocated to supporting ongoing game development.
Although the future of Adventure sites is still under development, some have reported seeing the construction of what looks like Ethermon gyms by the site owners.
These sites can now be bought and sold on the OpenSea market.

Adventure items

The following items can only be discovered on an Adventure or purchased on OpenSea.

Booster Shards

Mons are born with an imperfect set of battle stats across 6 attributes: health, primary and secondary attack, primary and secondary defense, and speed.
However, each of these attributes is connected to a magical stone. Shards of these stones have been scattered across the Adventure map and exist in 3 shapes: diamond, hexagon, and octagon. By combining all 3 shard shapes from the same stone, players can permanently boost one of their Mon’s attributes by a single point.
This remains the only way to permanently improve a Mon’s base stats.

Level Stones

At lower levels, Mons can level up relatively quickly. At higher levels, however, leveling up takes much longer. Players can find rare Level Stones at various Adventure sites, allowing them to immediately advance a single Mon by 1 or 2 levels.

EXP Potions

Collect these powerful potions to increase your Mon’s experience points (EXP) by 50, 100, 200, and even 20,000 to help them advance faster to the next level.
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