Battle mechanics
The outcome of each auto-battle is determined by the following conditions:
  • Battles consist of 3 one-on-one matches, proceeding in order of team formation.
  • Mons attack each other in alternating turns, starting with the one with the greater speed.
  • During its turn, a Mon will automatically use the attack (i.e., PA or SA) that deals the most damage to its opponent.
  • PA damage = attacker’s PA – defender’s PD.
  • SA damage = attacker’s SA – defender’s SD.
  • If neither an attacking Mon’s PA nor SA is greater than its opponent’s PD nor SD, respectively, then a minimum of 10 points of damage is dealt.
  • During any attack, there is a random chance of a “critical attack” in which the attacking Mon’s PA and SA are increased by 30%.
  • In each one-on-one match, the Mon that deals damage greater than the losing Mon’s HP (in other words, dealing a “knockout”) is declared the winner. If both Mons still have HP remaining, the Mon with more HP remaining is declared the winner.
  • To win the entire match, a team must defeat at least 2 of the opposing attackers.

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