Form your team
Once you’ve decided which battle ladder you will join, it’s time to prepare for battle. Your team can include a maximum of 6 Mons, consisting of exactly 3 Attackers and up to 3 Supporters.
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    After selecting your preferred ladder, click “Form Team” to pull up your Mon collection. To add Mons to your team formation, hover over your collection to reveal a sword icon (representing attack) and shield icon (representing support) under each Mon.
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    Add your attackers one at a time by hovering over and clicking each Mon’s sword icon.
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    In the same way, add your supporters by clicking their shield icons. Note: Your team will populate from left to right — if you make a mistake, hover over the misplaced Mon in your team formation and click the “x” in the top left to release it back into your collection.
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    When you are ready, click “Form Team” in the top right. When you see the prompt pop up, confirm by clicking “Form Team” again to enter the tournament and you’re ready for battle!


Attackers are the Mons on your team that lead the fight. Each attacker is matched with a Mon in the same position on the opposing team, engaging in a series of one-on-one battles that are automatically simulated by Ethermon’s smart contract.


Supporters can provide powerful offensive and defensive buffs for your attackers but are not required in order to form a team. To have an effect, supporters must either be an Ancestor to at least one attacker or a Gason of the same Type.
A supporting Ancestor increases all of its descendant’s offensive stats — Primary Attack (PA) & Secondary Attack (SA) — by 10%. This effect can stack for attackers with multiple supporting ancestors, increasing an additional 10% per ancestor. You can maximize this effect by forming teams of Mons with shared ancestry.
A supporting Gason increases the defensive stats — Primary Defense (PD) & Secondary Defense (SD) — by 10% for all attackers that share its type.
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