Start a battle
You formed your strongest team, joined a ladder, and are ready to dominate the competition on a full tank of energy. Time to battle!
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    To launch a battle, you first need to click “Select opponent” in the top right of your battle screen to bring up a view of 10 opposing teams within close range of your point ranking.
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    Click on an opposing team to compare how your team matches up and preview the impact of type advantages. Keep in mind that each of your attackers will only battle the Mon occupying the same position in the opposing team’s formation.
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    Once you are ready, click “Select opponent” on the match preview screen and then “Battle” to launch an auto-battle. This will trigger a pop-up dialogue, prompting you to attack with up to 5 battles at once (costing 2 energy per battle) by clicking “Attack Now.”
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    Now, you can either sit back and watch the auto-battle animation play out or click “end” to skip to the battle results. Either way, you can always check your “Battle history” to review a list of your battles and replay the individual matches.
After each battle, click “New game” to continue advancing your rank. Make sure to check your daily Quests & Achievements dashboard to claim any rewards you earned while battling, such as free Energy, EMONT, and even Mons.
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