Battle PvE (skill-based)
To give you a whole new dimension of gameplay, we have launched skill-based battles. Now, for a limited time, you can battle wild Mons in Decentraland using a random range of moves — from basic starter moves to legendary attacks that you will eventually need to earn as you train your Mon and unlock new skills.

Battle moves

Attack moves: You can either attack your opponent from a distance, with a move such as Throw, or from close-up with a move such as Claw Strike. Try out different strategies to get past your opponent’s defenses, such as using a weaker attack like Pinch to disarm them at a low energy cost.
Defensive move: You can shield your Mon from your opponent’s close-up attacks with Defend and distance attacks with Evade, or explore other defensive moves such as Heal to regenerate health.
Buffs: Enhance your other battle moves by combining them with powerful buffs. You must execute the buff prior to the move you wish to affect, such as using Double damage to make your next attack twice as powerful.
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Battle moves