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Q1 2022

Ethermon Classic (

Ethermon Metaverse (Decentraland)

We launched the pre-alpha version of the Ethermon District in April 2021. Post-release, we have been improving it around the clock for nearly a year with a dedicated global team. You can now explore our extensive town center with your 3D-rendered Mons, enjoy regular community events, and battle PVE enemies in the first of 6 battle biomes.

Q1 2022 — Alpha 1.0 (completed)

The Alpha 1.0 version of Ethermon in DCL involves a complete gaming ecosystem. The following features have now been completed.

Complete Builds & District Development

  • Ethermon District Plaza where you can hang out with friends and explore the buildings making up the foundation of our District's P2E ecosystem, now in active development
  • Battle Biome 1: Forest theme, where you can battle PvE enemies for loot drops
  • Custom Player House with unlockable features and upgradable content

Complete Mon NFT integrations

  • 60+ Mons that are modeled, animated, and fully functional in DCL — on both Ethereum and Polygon
  • Live Display of all Mon and PvE enemy stats
  • Mon Spawning so you can instantly spawn any DCL-ready Mon in your collection
  • Implementation of Mon Teams to rebalance the game economy by making it fair for all levels of Mon holders

Complete Game Mechanics & Ecosystem

  • Real-time, turn-based battles with over 100 unique battle moves for your Mons
  • 8 new types of PvE enemies to challenge your Mons
  • 50+ new types of loot to win from PvE battles
  • Inventory System to collect and display your items as you adventure , and an additional Storage System to organize surplus loot in your House
  • Ability to Craft & Burn Loot, turning loot drops into either premium items or other rewards

Q2 2022 — ALPHA 2.0

In final Alpha development, we will solidify the District’s resource-driven economy.
  • Biome Bosses (see teaser)
  • Player Skills to level up as you chop wood, mine ore, and fish for resources
  • Equipable NFTs & Wearables
  • Consumable Items for in-battle buffs
  • In-game Music, Sound effects & Feedback
  • WebSocket Server Upgrade to view other players' Mons, battle, and loot
  • 120 Total Mons

Q3 2022 — BETA 1.0

Our full-scale Beta release is defined by a massive expansion of play-to-earn gameplay. This includes more than doubling the playable Ethermon District size, with the addition of 2 new Battle Biomes. There, you’ll encounter new enemies, bosses, resources, loot, quests and features to progress and earn even more.
  • Battle Biome 2: Dark Forest theme
  • Battle Biome 3: Mountain theme
  • Form Guilds to achieve special quests and compete in guild v. guild tournaments
  • Custom Housing for both guilds and single players to develop in-district and even on owned LAND
  • Player-owned Shops to sell your loot in the Ethermon Plaza and level up your merchant experience
  • New Player Skills to cook consumables, blacksmith NFT wearables, and construct house upgrades
  • PvP Battle Tournaments
  • Multiplayer Battles against Biome Bosses
  • Visual Upgrades: animations of 100+ unique Mon moves, loot drops, battle scenes, and more.
  • 180 Total Mons