Ethermon continues to evolve alongside the blockchain gaming industry to offer a diverse range of game modes. Since 2017, we have offered an evolving range of interactive 2D RPG game modes on the Ethermon website. Currently, players can choose from two options: PvP battle ladder tournaments and Adventures.
Since 2020, our team also has been developing an extensive 3D MMPORG version of Ethermon for cross-platform gameplay in Decentraland. Several forms of gameplay are already active, revolving around Ethermon Metas and PvE battles.
More information about our plans for future development can be found in our roadmap.

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The Ethereum network, which all ERC721 tokens are building upon, is buckling under the sheer strain of traffic using it. As demand for the network increases, so do transaction fees (known as Gas). The fee to mint a new Ethermon NFT or even transfer an NFT from one wallet to another could be significantly higher than the cost of the item itself.
New Mons will be minted on MATIC (Polygon) blockchain network, which is a layer 2 solution that sits above the Ethereum network to increase the network bandwidth, which reduces the costs.
Players can bring their existing off-chain Mons on-chain onto MATIC main-net. ALL Mons can interact with ANY Ethermon game mode/platform, no matter what chain they are on.
The name “Ethermon” should be interpreted as ‘Monsters from the Ether’. We are committed to creating a frictionless experience for new and old players alike, which is why Ethermon will not be limited to one chain and will branch out in the future.
Mons are at the center of Ethermon's ecosystem and an integral part of gameplay. Currently, over 54,000 on-chain Mons have been minted by players. Mons can be bought directly from the official store, from other players in the decentralized market, or in-game.

On-chain gameplay & NFTs

The majority of Mons NFT tokens use the ERC-721 protocol and framework.
Ethermon players truly own their in-game NFT assets. Each asset's properties, ownership, and a history of changes to its properties or ownership are immutably written to the Ethereum blockchain.
On-chain asset
Game modes
Ethermon Monster (Mon)
Ethermon RPG, Decentraland MMORPG
Adventure item
Level Stone
Ethermon RPG
Adventure site
Osaka Castle
Ethermon RPG
Decentraland wearable
Ethermon Shoes
Decentraland meta
Ethermon Garden

Off-chain gameplay & assets

In blockchain games, players need to make an on-chain transaction to capture their in-game progress "on-chain" — meaning the data is written immutably to the blockchain ledger. However, both the resulting fees and slow transaction times on Ethereum Layer 1 diminish the gameplay experience.
To overcome this challenge, the most common transactions are securely and temporarily recorded off-chain, allowing players to battle for free. Players can then claim accumulated experience points to level up and transform on-chain all at once at their discretion.
Ethermon players can also gain “off-chain” Mons, which are not NFTs and are not on the blockchain. These Mons are held in our central database only, cannot be transferred from our platform, and have no material value. The purpose of off-chain Mons is to allow new and existing players to collect and play without having to purchase anything (i.e., free to play), and/or for players to avoid paying unreasonably high gas fees if the Ethereum network is congested.
In-game transactions and activities
On-chain 1.0
On-chain 2.0
Ethermon servers
Ethereum (layer 1)
Polygon (layer 2)
Ladder Tournament Battles
PvP Battles
Quest Rewards
Level up Mon
Transform Mon
Adventure Mode Play
Apply for rewards in Adventure Mode
Market purchases & rentals
Use of the Ethermon Official Store
MMORPG in Decentraland