Adventure mode

The original adventure mode was a legacy product developed by the original Ethermon team that retired in 2019. This was a popular feature and we have invested our dev team's time affected to bring this gameplay mode back on both the Polygon and Ethereum networks. Unfortunately, the changing regulatory environment regarding passive income-generating assets has rendered the previous rewards mechanisms impossible to carry forward. Although we are now re-evaluating how to bring a mode where players can take their mons on adventures for prizes, we are forced to cease the redevelopment of this original feature as it was intended. While there is currently no ETA on this revised feature being released, we are redirecting our resources and effort on developing better 2D and 3D gaming experiences that go far beyond the promise of adventure mode.
In the legacy Adventure mode, players sent their on-chain Mons to explore one of 54 Adventure sites for a small fee. Based on the Mon’s type, it would randomly visit 1 of 54 adventure sites and return with a discovery, such as a buff item, wild Mon, or in-game currency.