Decentraland MMORPG

MMORPG is currently under construction in our first virtual world, Decentraland (DCL).
Decentraland (DCL) is an open, user-owned virtual world where players can interact with blockchain-based games and apps, explore the metaverse, and engage in a range of digital experiences.
Historically, Ethermon has been a 2D auto-battle game. We are now making a massive leap into Decentraland, developing a 3D Ethermon MMPORG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game).
In Q2 2021, our team has launched cross-platform Ethermon gameplay in Decentraland, allowing players to interact with their existing Mons in 3D and engage them in real-time, skill-based PvE battles throughout Deceentraland — earning while they play.
Gameplay from Ethermon’s Decentraland district (pre-released beta)
Ethermon has also created the first franchise Meta in Decentraland (see Ethermon NFTs). By transacting with a Meta deployed by a Landowner, players can mint their own Ethermon NFTs.