Ethermon NFTs

Ether monsters (Mons)

The Ethermon universe revolves around Ether monsters (Mons), which are stored on the blockchain and essential to gameplay. There are currently 103,472 mons in existence (as of May 16, 2021). You can purchase mons directly from our official store, buy them from other players on the decentralized market, or acquire them in-game — even while playing for free.

Adventure sites

In 2018, an open action was held for 54 Adventure sites, which were equally divided into 10 shares. The fractional ownership of an adventure site was represented by an ERC-721 NFT, awarded to the highest bidder. The co-owners of each Adventure site receive 90% of the adventure fees paid by players, distributed in proportion to ownership. The remaining 10% of fees are allocated to supporting ongoing game development.

Adventure items

Booster Shards

Mons are born with an imperfect set of battle stats across 6 attributes: health, primary and secondary attack, primary and secondary defense, and speed.
However, each of these attributes is connected to a magical stone. Shards of these stones have been scattered across the Adventure map and exist in 3 shapes: diamond, hexagon, and octagon. By combining all 3 shard shapes from the same stone, players can permanently boost one of their Mon’s attributes by a single point.
This remains the only way to permanently improve a Mon’s base stats.

Level Stones

At lower levels, Mons can level up relatively quickly. At higher levels, however, leveling up takes much longer. Players can find rare Level Stones at various Adventure sites, allowing them to immediately advance a single Mon by 1 or 2 levels.

EXP Potions

Collect these powerful potions to increase your Mon’s experience points (EXP) by 50, 100, 200, and even 20,000 to help them advance faster to the next level.

Decentraland metas

The 3D platform in Decentraland is Ethermon’s first 3D development with a franchise Meta model.
Decentraland is an Ethereum blockchain-powered virtual world, developed and owned by its users, who can create, experience, and monetize content and applications. In late 2020, Ethermon acquired the rights to deploy on all 668 LAND of The Battleground District in Decentraland.
Early users can now start we already launched 3 NFT metas for early users: Wild Grass, Egg Nests, and Gardens.

What is a Meta?

Metas are virtual objects that are deployable in a digitally shared virtual space called a metaverse. Metas are able to generate new NFTs and virtual objects for use in a metaverse via user interaction.

Franchise model

Metas are similar in concept to a traditional franchise model. When a new Mon NFT is generated by a Meta, the revenue is shared between:
  • the IP/ business model holders (franchiser)
  • the digital landowners,
  • the owners of the Metas (franchisees), and
  • Ethermon (product creators/sellers).
To purchase a Mon from a Meta in the Decentraland metaverse, an Ethermon player would (1) visit a given Ethermon Meta, making a transaction with the Meta, and spawning a new Ethermon NFT mon.
Metas address an underlying economic issue in every metaverse, helping to ignite the economy by providing a single location that brings together developers, collectors, and landowners.

Ethermon Wild Grass Meta

Wild Grass Metas actually allow LAND owners to sprout grass on their property. Visiting Monseekers can train their Mons in real-time battles, unlock and use different 3D battle-moves, and collect loot & MARKS, a new in-game currency now under development.
Wild Grass META with slimes spawns

Ethermon Egg Nest Meta

These “egg incubator” Metas serve as a portal for introducing new & existing Mons into Decentraland. Currently, you visit any site hosting an incubator to purchase DCL-exclusive Mons META owners receive 20% of the proceeds.
Egg Nest META to purchase new Mons

Ethermon Garden Meta

Unlike the 2D world, Mons need more than pure energy to be strong enough to battle in Decentraland. These Garden Beds are hosted by LAND-owners, allowing any visitor to replenish their Mons with a variety of food.
Garden Bed META to grow food