PvP tournaments

Strategic PVP battles have been at the heart of Ethermon gameplay since its inception, evolving throughout the history of the game.
An ongoing rotation of ladder tournaments allows players to play to earn for free, assembling their Mons into teams to compete in 2D auto-battles. Each tournament lasts for 6 days before final placements are declared.
Ethermon's 1st Gen 2D RPG (Role Player Game) is now over 3 years old and battle tested.

Energy System

Battling is fueled by an off-chain energy system that recharges every 12 hours at 8:00 pm and 8:00 am UTC. To eliminate a pay-to-win ecosystem and incentivize regular player engagement, there is no way to purchase energy directly.
Each battle costs 2 energy and forming a new team in Tournament Mode costs 4 energy (except for the first time players join each ladder, in which the energy fee is waived.)

Play to earn (for free)

Not only are tournament battles free, but player's Mons also accumulate experience points and level up off-chain. This increases each NFTs value while in a player's possession, while also serving players in completing quests and unlocking progress-based achievements to earn additional rewards.