History of Token

Ethermon has a legacy token called EMONT that was created prior to the ERC-20 standard.
EMONT has now been discontinued and will be replaced by the new EMON token. Legacy token holders will be able to convert their EMONT to EMON on the Ethermon website after the token generation event in May 2021.
Evolution of EMONT Token design:
2017 →
2019 →
EMONT had a maximum supply of 20,000,000 tokens and was mostly earned by hard-working players. It was never directly sold by Ethermon.
After over 3 years of mining, players earned less than 2% of the total supply.

EMON token launch

EMON is a new token that has been developed to support Ethermon's expansion from 2D browser-based gameplay into 3D metaverses (currently Decentraland), focused on a play-to-earn model. EMON will become the main and only token within the Ethermon ecosystem, and the EMONT legacy token will slowly be phased out and eventually completely replaced.
After the EMON token generation event, EMONT will be convertible at a 1:4 ratio on the website. Existing Ethermon asset owners & Ethermon Meta owners will be awarded EMON at a rate concurrent with the amount of Mons/Metas they own and their respective rarities.
Total EMON supply = 400,000,000 EMON
The new token will be used for a number of in-game utilities, mainly on the 3D platform.

Token Utility

Token demand will be driven by in-game utility. Our games focus on the play-to-earn model. Players are incentivized to earn the token to get passive benefits, gain access to certain content/areas/game modes, unlock/upgrade rare NFT assets/Metas, participate in specialty challenges/tournaments, and so much more.
The economics are built in a way where free-to-play users can achieve the same goals. However, more premium content would incentivize power users to purchase the tokens and get them faster — creating a clan, purchasing a permanent in-world shop to sell game items with benefit, high-end/ultra-rare assets, etc. The majority of our revenue will come from power users/spenders.


EMON is a replacement token for EMONT to meet the latest token standard as of 2021. A max supply of 400 million (20x higher than original supply) as the new token to replace EMONT and will be used for all future Ethermon platforms and games.


MARKS is an off-chain uncapped in-game currency initially used for the DCL game. MARKS is commonly found from the DCL game as a common currency to use for day-to-day activity and can be farmed by battling, completing quests, & looting.

Uses for EMON & MARKS

EMON is a token that is meant to unlock premium content and new ways for our users to earn in-game. If it is to be spent, it will be on Mons, items, moves (NFTs) that are rare, unique & limited.
MARKS is more abundant and therefore used for unlocking basic content & purchasing assets that are less rare.
Example: There are currently over 50 battle Moves that Mons can unlock and equip. These moves vary in strength, quality & rarity.
  • Moves with lower rarity, or even pieces of moves, can be purchased with MARKS.
  • Moves that are rare and unique can ONLY be purchased with EMON and will be available for limited times in the in-world shops.
As players progress through our game modes they will be able to unlock new content and make upgrades that allow them new opportunities to earn EMON.
Example: The “Quest” system will be progressive. As you achieve new levels and reach new areas, you will unlock more Quests that allow you to earn.
The 3D game will revolve around the player building and upgrading their “House”, which will start at Level 1. A player’s House will appear in a designated area in the 3D world and require Materials, Mons & EMON to upgrade.
With each upgrade, the player will unlock new quests and abilities to earn.
Example 1: At Level X, the player will unlock the ability to stake their Mon assets to earn more MARKS & EMON.
Example 2: At the max Level, the player will unlock the ability to create a guild, with its own housing, to recruit players underneath them and unlock even more ways to earn as a group.
The ultimate goal of the player is to acquire rare Mons, strengthen them and upgrade them to their max potential so that they can earn EMON rewards faster and more efficiently.
The 3D world is full of potential upgrades:
  • Moves
  • Consumables
  • Recipes
  • Equipment
  • Skins
  • And so much more…
These upgrades can be found as rare loot drops, earned through quest completion, or similarly purchased in the in-world stores. Common upgrades can be purchased with MARKS. The most limited and unique upgrades can only be purchased with EMON.
Common upgrades can be combined to create upgrades of the next tiered rarity. This action will also require EMON.
A percent of all EMON spent across all game functions will be recycled back into the play-to-earn pool so that it never runs dry and scales as our player base grows.
At first, the content will be entirely PvE (player vs. AI environment). However, in future updates, we will introduce PvP (player vs. player) content and competitions with further opportunities to earn $EMON.

Future EMON concept: Governance

Ethermon acquires the rights to Mon art from many popular artists and groups.
In the future, the amount of EMON players have will allow them to vote on the next set of Mons to be released. A new Mon will be released every month based on community voting.
The simplest way to get EMON is by getting loot (MARKS and Items), then taking that loot and burning it for EMON. EMON burning has its own set of economics.
*EMON is built in a way where the Play-to-Earn allocation basket recycles itself so that it never runs out.

EMON allocations & unlock schedule

Token Allocation

Total Supply = 400,000,000 (400m)
Token Amt.
Marketing, Ecosystem & Treasury
Private Sale
Public Sale


Players will be able to earn EMON immediately after the token generation event. Tokenomics are built to strategically recycle tokens so that the Play-To-Earn pool never runs dry. The reward system will also adaptively automatically scale as the player base grows.

EMONT to EMON Conversion

Ethermon has an existing token known as EMONT created before the project underwent a rebrand from Etheremon to Ethermon. EMONT was created in 2017, pre-dating the ERC721 standards that now dominate.
In anticipation of the project’s expansion, the difficulty to obtain EMONT was increased.
The only way to earn EMONT was by grinding the game modes on the 2D platform. At the time of writing, the circulating supply was approximately 2% (Total Supply = 20,000,000 EMONT).
To proceed into the future with EMON as the backbone utility token, players that hold the legacy EMONT tokens must convert them into EMON. This process will begin after a token generation event, allowing legacy holders to claim their share of the EMON allocation.
A Snapshot for determining these legacy holdings was taken on April 19, 2021, and will be used to assign the claiming amounts to those who qualify.

Distribution to existing Ethermon Community*

The Ethermon Universe has been around since 2017, making it one of the original NFT projects in the space. Without the support from our loyal community, we would not be where we are today. Because of this, an allocation has been assigned for those individuals who supported the growth of the ecosystem through their continual engagement. We’re happy to share with the community that we will be allocating a portion of our new token supply to the following:
Total Community Token Allocation 1.5% of Total Supply: 2.4 million EMON
Eligibility criteria
Date of snapshot
*All Mon Holders (excluding form-1 free starter)
April 19, 2021
META Owners with a Bonus allocation to deployed on land
April 19, 2021
Off-chain EMONT Holders: Automatic Upgrade to on-chain EMON (1:4 ratio)
April 19, 2021
On-chain conversion for on-chain EMONT Holders (1:4 ratio)
April 19, 2021
The Snapshot for determining the off-chain legacy holdings has been taken on April 19, 2021, and will be used to assign the claiming amounts to those who qualify. To facilitate a transition, the questing system (main method for farming EMONT in the past) will be temporarily closed from the Snapshot until some time after the TGE event. Any farmed EMONT post snapshot will not be accounted for in the EMON conversion process.
*Distribution of tokens to Mon holders that owned Mons after the Snapshot will be at the sole discretion of Ethermon, and subject to regulations and statutory requirements imposed by players country of Citizenship.

Marketing, Ecosystem, and Treasury

Marketing: allocation used to incentivize top influencers pre & post TGE and also create working partnerships with top marketing outlet brands.
Ecosystem: allocation used for liquidity, future growth and scaling, and new developments that might require an increase to the Play-To-Earn reward pool.
Treasury: allocation used for project funding and working capital for development (1-5 years).

Private sale & unlock schedule

A private sale of EMON tokens was completed in Q1 2021, consisting of 15% of the total $EMON supply. $EMONT will be distributed to private sale buyers according to the following unlock schedule.
Ethermon has gained the support of an incredibly strong team of 35 global VC’s to add long-term value to the project. Seed, strategic, and private rounds vest at different percentages respectively, but are all fully vested over 2 years.
Month 0 - (Day 1)
Month 6
Month 12
Month 18
Month 24

Team tokens

Team Tokens are meant to reward the Core Team members for their hard work in getting the project to where it is today. However, only 50% of team tokens will be awarded for effort pre-TGE event. An additional 35% of the Team Tokens is available to the Core Team for committing to the project for at least 3 years post-TGE. A further 15% allocation is also received to allow the project to onboard new full-time team members as the project grows.
To align the interests of the core project and Ethermon community, Team Tokens will only be reward started 12 months after TGE with tokens then being rewarded on a monthly basis for an additional 2 year periods, with tokens release equally on a monthly basis.